Mainland Licenses

Setup your Business - Choose the Right Dubai Mainland License ​

Before you start the process of launching a business in Dubai – or anywhere else in the UAE – you must first choose the right Dubai Mainland license, based on your business activities. Having a 'trade' license is a must to set up your business in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development or DED in Dubai is in charge of awarding licenses to all local Dubai businesses. These trade licenses are classified based on the type of business you own in Dubai. At Business Hub, we help you in selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective mainland license for your businesses in Dubai.​

Your Dubai Mainland License Options

Choosing the right Dubai Mainland License is crucial to all businesses in the UAE. In order to register a business in Dubai, UAE, there are 3 types of license options available:

  • Commercial Trade License
  • Professional Trade License
  • Industrial Trade License

A license is awarded in one of these categories, depending on the nature of the activity you propose for your business:

  1. Commercial License – A commercial license allows you to trade, import, and export items into, out of, and within the Emirates, as well as sell certain services. Individuals interested in starting a trading firm in Dubai must first obtain a Dubai commercial license, which allows them to acquire and sell goods or services in the UAE.
  2. Industrial License – An industrial license is required if your business engages in manufacturing or industrial activity. Obtaining an industrial license in Dubai allows you to manufacture and produce goods. Production, segregation, collecting, packing, and other activities are covered under an industrial license in Dubai. You must also note that to obtain an industrial trade license in the UAE, your company must have a physical warehouse within the country.
  3. Professional License – You need a professional license if you or a group of individuals deliver their expert services. To obtain a professional license, the company must be entirely owned by a non-Emirati. However, in administrative transactions with government departments, a local Service agent acts as a representative for such a business. This local service agent does not own a share of the company and is only compensated for his services every year. A single-ownership business can thus engage in any profession where they supply services based on their intellectual or artistic qualities with the help of a professional license.

The type of license you choose will decide if you need a local partner that is needed in a Commercial and Industrial license. Or, if you need a Local Service Agent, that is needed in a Professional License.

At Business Hub we ensure that your Dubai mainland license complies with the Dubai Economic Department. This way we help you save time and money when applying for a trade license in Dubai. Contact Us Now!

Requirements for Setting up Your Business in Dubai Mainland

  • Appoint Local Sponsors or service agents based on your business license.
  • Approvals from DED, MoL, MoI, and other related authorities.
  • Obtaining suitable office space for your branch and verifying its location.
  • Corporate Bank account Setup.
  • Fulfilling employee-related formalities.
  • At the time of initial approval, the investor or shareholder must be physically present in the UAE.

Benefits of Setting up Your Business in Dubai Mainland

  • A mainland business is permitted to function both within and outside the UAE.
  • You can do business anywhere in the UAE — Mainland businesses ensure that there are no constraints on where you carry out your business in the UAE.
  • Geographically advantageous position – the United Arab Emirates, or Dubai, acts as a gateway to the Middle East. As a result, the other GCC countries offer opportunities for corporate diversification.
  • Exemption from Corporate tax Mainland Companies are exempted from corporate taxes.
  • Exemptions from income tax – Mainland businesses are also excluded from paying income tax.
  • No limits on currency trading – Mainland companies in the UAE are exempt from currency exchange laws.
  • Hassle-Free Formalities for starting a firm: The mainland business establishment is quicker and easier.
  • Better corporate opportunities – Establishing your company on the UAE mainland gives you international exposure. You have a wider range of international clients and marketplaces available to you.
  • You can even use the mainland’s international visibility to expand or diversify your firm.

We help you Build Your Business with No Regrets!

How Business Hub helps you in staying a step ahead?

When setting up a new business in the UAE, you must obtain the right license, that suits your business. This ensures that your business is appropriately established and shall be successful in the long run. The type of business you’ll run, the structure of your organization, and the jurisdiction in which you’ll do business. All have an impact on the license you will need and the conditions you will have to fulfill. At Business Hub we also help you with visa services, thus ensuring end-to-end solution for your business needs. 

As the UAE’s top business setup service provider, Business Hub assists you in obtaining the best trade license for your business, ensuring that you are well-positioned for future growth and success. We equip you with solid business support so you can get your company off to a good start.