Mainland Business Activities

Mainland Business Activities You Can Register For Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai Mainland Business Activities

 In Dubai there are a lot of business activities you can choose from. Each business activity from the DED activities comes with a different set of requirements and documentation. Setting up a business in the UAE provides you with a lot of freedom. In Dubai, there is a growing market for distinctive company offerings, as well as a loyal customer base. If you want to start a business in Dubai, the mainland has the most advantages, allowing you to expand when your company is ready.

Even amid the pandemic, Dubai remains a magnet for investors looking for possibilities to do business in several sectors. Here are some of the most common business activities in which investors and entrepreneurs put their capital into prospering and developing until their brands and enterprises become synonymous with profitability and growth.

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At Business Hub we help choose your most favorable mainland business activities. These activities in Dubai will subsequently determine your business license and how the company establishes itself in the long run!

Popular DED Activities for Dubai Mainland

Business Activity NameDescription
TradingFor businesses that sell tangible merchandises
ConsultancyFor industry-specific experts who offer professional services
EcommerceFor selling products online
ManufacturingFor businesses that manufacture goods
RetailFor shops, markets, malls
HospitalityFor hotels, cafes, bars, etc.
HealthcareFor industries involved in the trade of health-related goods.
EntertainmentFor services like event management, wedding planning, etc.
GymnasiumsFor gyms or health club related services.

Certain business activities, such as healthcare, require special authorization from the relevant government department. Business Hub is here to help you with anything from visa application, paperwork to business incorporation to even finding your office space. We make sure that you receive the correct professional license in the UAE. We make the process simple and quick by establishing good relationships with recognized governmental agencies and officials.

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