Local or Corporate Sponsorship

Worried About Finding a Local Sponsor in UAE?

If you are someone looking for a trustworthy Local Sponsor in the UAE to meet your business setup requirements then you are at the right place. We're here to help you cement your partnership by becoming contractual local sponsors. Our Investor's Right Protection Contract enables you to maintain complete operational control of your company while still being legally linked to a local sponsor.

Who is a Dubai Local Sponsor?

For non-UAE or GCC citizens (foreign investors) who seek to invest, operate, or establish a business in the UAE, a local sponsor or agent is a person or a firm that satisfies the UAE company legislation and regulatory criteria.

According to legislation enacted in June 2021, foreigners may own 100% of commercial and manufacturing licenses in the UAE.

You will need an Emirati sponsor to start a business in the UAE. This sponsor can either be a sleeping partner in return for agreed annual compensation and an investor protection agreement or a service representative with 100% overseas investment, depending on the type of license your firm needs by law.

This process is independent for the mainland business and no local sponsorship is required if you wish to start a business in the free zones. You are only limited by geographical boundaries that you set yourself – they can be as big or little as you desire!

By June 2021, anyone who wanted to form their LLC (limited liability company) must have a sponsor who owns 51 percent of the company. However, this has changed in June 2021, and the law allows foreigners to register commercial/trading LLCs and manufacturing licenses without the need for local sponsors. Although some commercial and manufacturing licenses still require local sponsors to control 51 percent of the company.

Contact Business Hub to find out if the new no-local-sponsorship-required law applies to your organization.

Do You Need a Local Corporate Sponsor?

Anyone considering forming an LLC in Dubai must work with a UAE Sponsor. General commerce, contracting, real estate, marketing, technical services, manufacturing and industrial licenses, freight and logistics industries, textile firms, and cleaning supplies are just a handful of the many businesses in the UAE that require local sponsorship.

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Factors You Need to Know Before Hiring a Corporate Sponsor

  • Make a thorough investigation into your sponsor’s family history.
  • Clear up any questions you have about the fee payment and any compensation you owe your sponsor.
  • Keep an eye out for documentation that shows the extent of your sponsor’s engagement in the company.
  • Before signing the sponsorship deed agreement, double-check it.
  • If you’re looking for an outside consultant, attempt to find one who is a government employee, as this will maximize the benefits your company can provide.
  • You should be aware that the local sponsors will not help you with your business. They just offer to act as a local representative to assist a foreign entrepreneur in establishing a business on the mainland.
  • They are just paid a fixed annual fee or a share of revenues for their services.
  • You must be cautious so that you do not end up paying a premium for something that you might get for a lower price elsewhere.
Finding a Local Sponsor in Dubai Can Be Difficult

Things may go wrong in different cases. If a sponsor dies, for example, their share will be passed to their heir; if the heir is not interested in being your local sponsor, you will be in significant trouble and so unable to trade.

If you want to avoid all of these concerns, getting corporate sponsorship through Business Hub will help. Contact us today for local sponsorship services in Dubai, UAE.

Get a Hassle-Free Corporate Sponsorship with Business Hub’s Trusted Sponsors

Advantages Of Hiring Business Hub as Your Corporate Sponsor

Financial Benefits & Minimal Interference


The corporate sponsorship is from a national corporation that will not influence the foreigner’s company’s daily operations. Furthermore, the investors can retain complete ownership of their business, allowing them to reap all of the financial benefits. Consult Business Hub, the best business setup consultants in Dubai, to obtain corporate sponsorship services.


Improved Legal Protection is Guaranteed


Overseas investors are always frustrated about the difficulties of signing a legal agreement with someone they don’t know. On the surface, the process appears to be loaded with potential future risks. On the other hand, corporate sponsorship arrangements are generally considered to be safer. The legal agreements are meticulously crafted by us in Dubai to protect the rights of expatriate investors.


Ownership Protection


In worst cases, a single local sponsor can even turn on the investor and legally meddle with the company’s ownership structure. To prevent such a risk, partnering with a corporate entity owned by a UAE national is safer. You can get into solid legal agreements with a corporate sponsor with the help of Business Hub, the finest business setup experts in Dubai.


Remove Succession Planning from the Equation


 If an individual sponsor dies or retires early, their shares in your company are automatically transferred to their heirs. When the sponsor’s heir does not want to be your local sponsor, this can cause issues. You have no such issues with corporate sponsorship because a firm cannot die or retire.


Efficient Process


Getting the services of a local sponsor might be a tedious process. As a result, partnering with a corporate sponsor who has systems in place to guarantee the process goes as smoothly as possible is recommended.


Guarantees of Funds


As your company grows in profitability, an individual sponsor may even claim a larger share as compensation for their efforts. In contrast, a trustworthy corporate sponsor provided by Business Hub will charge a set annual fee, allowing you to have 100% of your profits.

Best Way to Find a Local Corporate Sponsor in UAE | Business Hub

If you’re having trouble locating a local sponsor in Dubai or the UAE, the best thing you can do is hire reliable Dubai business formation experts like Business Hub. We are a group of company setup consultants that are passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses realize their dreams.

Business Hub matches your company with a suitable sponsor who complements your field of business. We have a team of lawyers devoted to handling contract signing issues. Our attorneys place a high value on investor rights and work hard to protect their interests. Our professionals can form your company on your behalf, secure sponsorship, if necessary, file license and visa applications, and handle all essential paperwork, leaving you free to focus on your business. 

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